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How do I find and book transfers?

  • Input where you are departing from in the "From" field, and your destination (where you're going) - in the "To" field. Choose the desired city, airport, train station, port, or hotel from the drop-down menu that drops or enter the exact address.

  • Click the "Search" button. Choose the desired transfer vehicle class and click "Select" to proceed with the booking.

Booking transfers to an airport

  • In the "From" field, select the city or enter the address of the hotel you need the transfer from. Pick-up location (address) does not determine the price a driver picks you up from, but it should be within a city. Enter the airport name in the “To” field.

  • Important note: Calculate pick-up time taking into account your travel time, (it is specified on the website) + 3 hours for check-in at the airport

How long does a trip take?

  • Duration of the transfer can be found on our website, also your voucher should show confirmation of your booking which, (pdf file, is downloadable after making the booking).

















Important note: Duration times are approximate and varies depending on traffic, holidays etc. Please, make necessary changes to your order in advance if you receive information about traffic delays or other conditions .


What time should I choose for my pickup? 

  • Transfer from an airport or railway station, we recommend using your flight arrival time as the beginning of your transfer. This allows the driver to organize the meeting conveniently.

  • As a note: if for some unforseen reason there is a change on your arrival time, please notify us so we may negotiate changes with a carrier.

  • For transfers from a hotel to the airport, specify a time you would like to be met at the reception area. Calculate your departure time, this should be done by you. It is recommended 3 hours for the airport check-in and transfer duration time be spared. Airport arrival time is specified on the booking page.

  • As an example, if your departure time is 2:00 and the travel time specified on site is 30 min or 1 hour, the pick-up time should be 10:00.

How do correctly add my flight number?


  • When booking a transfer from the airport, fully include all letters and numbers of your flight.

  • For example, SU1870.

  • If an incorrect flight number is given, our driver will not be able to track your flight.

How do I book a return transfer?


  • Return transfers can be made when booking a one-way trip. Simply, specify the date and time of the return transfer in the special field in the booking form as shown.

If or when the return transfer differs from your previous trip, two different reservations will have to be made.

Can I book an ordinary trip and not a transfer?


  • An ordinary trip can be requested on our website. In the search form, set the route and choose the option on the page with vehicle types as seen in the example.



Take Note: requests for a ride is not a transfer booking, only a request for driver’s offer.

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