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The go‑to flight-price matrix engine for low airfare. Allowing flight comparison options according to filters you set, then book them on airlines’ and agencies’ websites. Prices seen are final.

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Tools to help find the cheapest flights 

Real-time insights tells you when a fare is lower for a given flight. Are you a pocket pincher, don't want to pay too much for your flight? We show you the cheapest fares and time to book great deals.

Round-trip flight, per-person                            from
Sun, Oct 27 - Tue, Nov 5                                  

11h  45m  LAX - BCN 


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Smart data to help find the best deals 

See historical flight data on how prices change over time, how likely that change will drop prices any lower are not great. It's best booking your trip at the time fares are low.

Innovative insights and tools to help choose your trips

Track flight prices for any dates, if you're flexible, find the best days to tyravel when prices are lower with our flights calendar. Easily set up tracking for routes and when fares drop. Opt-in to receive email notifications when price changes.


Find the cheapest day to fly

Flight information for Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Clouds in the Sky

Best day to travel


Icludes Wednesday's are 24% lower than peak prices,Sunday's.

Typically, the best days of the week to fly are Tue and Wed. Mid-week flights are cheaper and quieter.

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Average RT fare


Domestic round-trip price over a 3 week period on Oafare.

The average price on round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas bsed on bookings.

Clouds in the Sky

Peak season

Mid May - Thru August

Holiday weeks are subject to high season markups.

Based on searches and travelers destination route to Las Vegas from their locations.

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Great class seat price

First class

$240.20 or less. Class rate may vary per carrier.

Our "best deal" for any business class seating per aggregated flight data lower than 30%

Booking Direct Flights + Hotels - From Las Vegas to Los Angeles 

MAY - SEP 18

Los Angeles

Direct Non-Stop Flight + Hotel

From $54

3-night Hotel from $125

JUN - OCT 22

Raliegh North Carolina

Round-Trip Flight + Hotel

From $297

Weekend Hotel from $172

Flight deals from Los Angeles to worldwide

Explore and book flights from Los Angeles to popular domestic destinations. Data collected within the last 24hrs.

Breeze Airways

Los Angeles to Orlando

Round-trip flight, per-person 
Tue, Jul 2 - Sun, Jul 7            

7h 36m 


United Airlines

L.A. to Washington D.C.

Direct RT flight, per-person 
Tue, Jul 9 - Sat Jul 13                

5h 3m


JetBlue Airways

Los Angeles to New York

RT 1-Stop flight, per-person 
Tue, Jul 4 - Fri, Jul 7            

10h 40m 


Hawaiian Airlines

Los Angeles to Honolulu

Direct flight, per-person 
Tue, Jun 11 - Sun Jun 16                

5h 45m


American Airlines

L.A. to San Francisco

Direct flight, per-person 
Tue, Jun 4 - No return             

1h 23m


Air Canada

Los Angeles to Barcelona

Round-trip flight, per-person 
Tue, Jun 11 - Sun Jun 16                

26h 10m


Sun Country Airlines

Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Direct RT flight, per-person  
Fri, Jul 5 - Sun, Jul 7               

1h 18m


United Airlines

Los Angeles to Phoenix

Round-trip flight, per-person 
Sun, Jul 7 - Tue, Jul 9                

1h 28m


Prices on flights are per person unless additional adults or children are added when performing flight searches. Be aware that e-tickets are issued upon completion of purchasing trips. All taxes & fees are included. Fares on plane tickets constantly changes, therefore, prices are not guaranteed.

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Oafare is not a ticket issuer

Oafare pricing results does not sell tickets or charge a commission, we search and find the lowest fares for your trip then show you the exact prices quoted by partner airlines and agencies.

Why prices on flights change?

Fares you found on an earlier search may not be the same offer if you leave the site and return. However, we do our best to honor that low price when you land on the booking site. Prices can change for a number of reasons. Possibly the airline seats are no longer available, the booking site gave inaccurate information, or consolidated room rate sold out.  Either way, we'll find you the best deal!

Price matrix flight data

Our Omni matrix interactively takes information a user inputs including filters and searches tons of flights databases, ignoring volume or tiered sales on seats then displays the lowest price results and different offers from travel agencies and major online booking sites

Oafare reaserched DOT's flight and consumer Data information to help put together information on saving travelers money. Although there are no guarantees on when are the best times to find low flight prices, we observe trends, and airline price data. Determining best days of the week to book is based on average ticket prices for specified days and months of March through December 2023, sourced from 'Statistica' airline statistics. Best day of the week is based on average ticket prices during those periods. Recommendations on best days or time to book flights is sourced from ARC's global airline sales database.

Finding low fares on airline tickets

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