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Travel Planning Ideas: New Trends and Tips. Finding a Cheaper Flight

Rising jet fuel costs and the increasing in travel demand are driving up airfares. According to IATA Jet fuel price monitor,  prices are expected to rise by 5.0 percent compared to the previous months between June and December 2023.

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Based on Oafare's flight calendar rate comparisons, round-trip airfare to Mexico and Central America for example was 17 percent higher month over month in November. Domestic airfares, meanwhile, we're 13 percent more expensive. 

Clearly, Jet fuel appera to be the second-highest expense for major carriers. Cost increases are generally passed along to consumers, as such, consumers should prepare to pay even more for flights this year. Have flexiblility about where you go and when planning​: Being flexible can help save money. Fly during off-peak times, consider less popular States and Countries, flying off-season can reduce the costs of airline tickets. “Seek out lower priced vacations and getaway's.


Two of the cheapest days of the week to fly within the U.S. are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Considering abroad? Shoot for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Two or more stopovers although inconvenient, may be cheaper. Also, consider flying to a regional airport, you'll probably find a better deal.

Book Ahead​: Purchasing your ticket 90 to 260 days or more in advance will net you savings. Booking too late will likely cost you to the tune of overpaying. Paying a little more for changing your ticket at a later date in the event of some unforseen incident may be something to consider or travel insurance as an option. Trip insurance for airfare is not highly recommended.


However, for elderly people with potential health issues would make sense. Sign-up for travel deals alerts and Loyalty rewards programs. For example, with American, the more you fly,  the more points you accumilate with their rewards program. Many credit cards allow customers to redeem points for flights. Rack up enough, fly for free.

Travelbit Make digital and/or hard copies of important travel documents. You may want to start by taking photos of things like driver's license, state ID and your passport. Keeping copies of your Identification document(s) in your phone's notes or library in case they are misplaced. In a rare or TSA/immigration check, you are asked for ID, whipping out the photo or hard copy decreases time and minimizes the possibility of losing the actual DL/ID. Even more, it is recommended keeping an actual photocopy in a separate place from your passport in case you lose it. Ex: at home, in a bag, or hotel room.

Travel trends and tips

We made everything about your travel and plans simle. So, fulfill your dream. Plan. then with Oafare's guide where you'll find everything needed to have an unforgettable experience.

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