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Top city destinations to visit travel list for 2024 

Here's your chance to complete this years to go places. Our innovative price matrix will find cheap flights and the best option for your specific dates.

Atlanta, GA

Round-Trip from


Philadelphia, PA

Round-Trip from


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Book airline tickets, find airfare deals for your specific date or months ahead.

Cheap Flights to nearby cities

Las Vegas

Los Angeles to Las Vegas

MAR                             APR 8



Phoenix Arizona Downtown

Ontario to Phoenix Arizona

MAR                             MAY 8




Los Angeles to Houston

MAR                            MAY 5



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Flights from Seattle

Find cheap flights to Seattle. Deals available during the months of February - May and July 2024. Be sure to check back as fares update frequently.

from  $68

Denver Colorado

Find flight deals to Denver

Affordable flights to Denver. Don't leave your dream travel to the imagination. Direct flights, one-way or multiple destinations.

from  $51

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Cheap flights to San Francisco

Get low fares on flights to the City of brotherly love, San Francisco through January and March 2024. Search and

find cheap airline tickets for your trip

from  $99

Manhattan New York sunset

Round-trip to New York 

Build memories. Book your trip to the big apple and start your adventure of Central Park, downtown with cheap flights Manhattan. 

from  $82

Hard Rock Hotel Universal

Explore San Diego

Discover real cheap one-way flights departing to San Diego. Travelers can also book round-trip flights by changing search options.

from  $38

Downtown Miami

Airline tickets to Miami

Fly from anywhere in the United States to Miami on United, American, Spirit and enjoy optional services. Explore beaches and culture.

from  $38

Cheap flights with Oafare

Oafare's price matrix finds cheap flights and other airfare deals for your specific dates and also offer another period when the cost may be even lower. Subscribing to Fly-High and notifications will help keep track of prices when they drop, at the moment when prices go down, the user receives a message so as not to not miss lucrative offers. Using the system of smart filters allows customization of search results. For example, leave for comparison only day flights without changing the airport.

Flight Deals tips

Finding cheap flights

We made buying airline tickets to anywhere fast and simple, making tomorrows travel hassle-free and worry less. Fly anywhere worldwide and find the best deals on flights guaranteed.

Best day to find airline tickets

Sundays may be the best day to buy airline tickets. End of the week can be the most expensive day. However, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays may be three of the best days to find cheap fares. Although we find low airfares, based on flight data, purchasing your tickets on a day of the week when prices are cheapest could save you as much as 11% or more.

Is it best to buy tickets in advance?

Yes. For domestic flights, 70 days in advance. International flights: 90 to 120 days.

  • Canada: 66 days

  • Mexico and Central America: 70 days 

  • Caribbean: 207 days South America: 110 days 

  • South Pacific: 197 days 

  • Asia: 120 days 

  • Europe: 160 days 

  • Africa and the Middle East: 199 days

How to find cheap flights using Oafare

Simple. Enter your departing city, where to, and your dates, then hit 'Search.' price matrix flight search will automatically find you the lowest fares, first. You can compare prices from our list of OTA's Expedia,, and more. The low fare calendar also offers flexible travel dates when prices may be lower. We help make your travel planning experience stress-free with a source of optionable deals to choose from.

How do I save money?

Compare airline tickets pricing on carriers, filter your options, all or best tickets, keep number of stops, and connecting airports may help reduce the ticket cost. When you book flights with Oafare we save you money. Tip: Airline ticket prices fluctuates, which makes it difficult to determine the exact day or when fares are lowest. However, certain flight deals usually last a day, maybe two, and often listed during the week, this is why more domestic and international destinations are cheaper midweek. Booking when prices are at their lowest are wise courses of action.

What cities are cheapest to fly to?

Affordable places to visit are those nearest to your city. Domestic States such as Vegas are relatively cheap based on where you're coming from. Consider places like Miami if in the Mideast or Chicago.

Can I find last-minutes flights cheaper than booking them further out?

Last minute tickets are sometimes cheaper depending on when you actually book that flight. A few factors come into play. The type of flight, where you’re traveling, and time. Traveling Economy on a domestic ticket may increase the price a few weeks before your departing date. Standard domestic tickets outside the last minute window are usually cheaper when purchased 7-10 days in advance on Oafare

Does Oafare search more providers than other sites?

With our flights and hotels price matrix aggregator, Oafare has access to 100's of airline information than most online travel agencies and finds accurate flight data from major airlines and partner sites globally.

What happens after booking my flight?

A booking confirmation will be emailed to your inbox from the partner site the reservation was made including all relevant information you’ll need from the provider you booked with. If there are any follow-up questions or you'd like to change or cancel your flight, get in touch with the OTA or contact us.

Why book my flights with Oafare?

Because we make your booking process simple, fast and hassle-free, plus you save an average of 30% on airline tickets. But that’s not all, you have a host of options when booking with us including finding the lowest fares. We also offer hotels, and activities that you can purchase when planning your vacation or getaway. Plus, as a Fly-High member, you will never miss your ticket of interest when prices drop, including other perks.

Oafare reaserched DOT's flight and consumer Data information to help put together information on saving travelers money. Although there are no guarantees on when are the best times to find low flight prices, we observe trends, and airline price data. Determining best days of the week to book is based on average ticket prices for specified days and months of March through December 2023, sourced from 'Statistica' airline statistics. Best day of the week is based on average ticket prices during those periods. Recommendations on best days or time to book flights is sourced from ARC's global airline sales database.

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