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How Our Service Works

  • How does Oafare find cheap flights and hotels?
    Oafare don’t just search for airline tickets – we find the cheapest ones, Guaranteed! We search hundreds of travel providers and agencies to not only bring you the lowest fare on flights and hotels, but also consider alternate options when preferred major airlines are sold out. Our price matrix engine searches airlines through 5 booking systems globally allowing consumers to compare all airline ticket accommodation prices by many different online booking sites then book them directly through those platforms. Otherwise, booking sites or Online Travel Agencies (OTA), online web-based services allow you the consumer to research and book travel products and services, such as cheap flights, hotels, cruises, cars, activities and more, directly with them. Oafare's price matrix engine searches your booking requests and compare prices then produces the lowest fare results as provided from online booking sites. Basically, Omni pricing interactively takes information a user inputs including filters and searches the flights database, ignoring volume or tiered sales on seats and rooms, then displays the lowest price results and different offers from travel agencies and major online booking sites. Note: OTA's pays Oafare a fee when a user clicks on their specific deal. We do not hold any booking agreements between you (the consumer) and the site you book with. Oafare does not collect payments for stays and is not liable for services offered by those suppliers or particular provider. Oafare's flight prices calendar also finds lower fares on future days and months of travel. No matter the destination, our price matrix makes it easy to filter your search and find the cheapest fares on any given day if you're flexible. The prices you see on Oafare are final – stripped of all hidden services and ticked boxes.
  • What makes Oafare different?
    We simplify the process by using our price matrix booking engine offering lower fares you won't find anywhere else for your travel, and suggests a cheaper way of travel based on duration and dates. You can even use our price comparison tool to view price changes and side by side comparisons of other major online travel sites. Oafare offers a host of convenient options to make your travel less stressful and budget friendly. Our innovative price matrix engine will not only find you the best option and price for your specific dates, but also offer another period when the cost may be even lower. When you subscribe to notifications, you'll be kept on track of the ticket cost of interest, at the moment when the price goes down, you'll receive a message so as not to miss a lucrative offer. Oafare system of smart filters allows you to customize search results. For example, leave for comparison only day flights without changing the airport. Choose from our list of partners on specific travel destinations. Even sort based on price, number of stops, duration, and departure arrival time. Plan and travel your way. For evry trip and Journey! Simply put, Oafare finds and offers lower fares on airline tickets and hotels to your destination of choice.
  • Who we are
    Oafare is a trusted global flight + hotel search aggregator and cheap travel deals website registered in the State of California, offering only the lowest possible fares for your travel from reliable online partner travel sites, agencies and hundreds of airlines. We use our innovative price matrix technology to make finding the cheapest flights including hotels quick and easy. Our extensive range of agencies, deals and travel content makes finding airline tickets for domestic and international flights simpler and user friendly. Book it and Save! Throughout your booking process we are with you all the way. Oafare enables you to plan and search your travel by finding the lowest priced fares then facilitating the reservation to booking sites and accommodation providers. Oafare's pricing feature offers a simple and easy booking process in cooperation with our selected partners who operate online booking sites. It is our mission to build on Oafare's trusted brand and give consumers a better, simpler, and more consistent service for booking your travel deals.
  • Travel Consistency
    As an online seller of travel and aggregator, planning and booking your travel has never been simpler. In a new fast-paced era, Oafare's online platforms offers a more convenient and time efficient way of finding the lowest fares on flight and hotels, comparing prices, getting deals you won't find anywhere else, and booking everything directly from our hosts of partner sites. Convenience and Time Saving Compare multiple options in one place: Providing travelers with a consolidated view of various travel options, allowing you to compare prices, routes, schedules, times, even multiple providers simultaneously. Features that are time-saving such as filters and sorting options: Convenient tools enabling users to narrow down searches based on preferences such as price, duration, departure times, and more. Cost Saving Access to discounted rates and deals: We search dozens of partner sites and hundreds of airlines for the lowest fares and discounted rates allowing users to access offers that may not be available elsewhere. Compare prices across multiple platforms: We enable travelers to compare prices across different providers, ensuring the best possible value for your money. Range of Options Comprehensive results on flights and hotels: We search dozens of travel providers, agencies and offer a vast selection of flight and hotel options worldwide, Top destinations, travelers' choices: We cover a wide range of destination options and offer diverse preferences to suit every travel planning experience and budget. No Hidden fees or additional costs. Complete personalization. Consistent customer service.
  • How does Oafare determine prices?
    Price determinations are based on specific OTA's median price for flights and properties as rates fluctuate when clicked on by Oafare users. Forecasted prices for hotels are based on guests, and do not consider room types and amenities unless specified otherwise and (e.g. free breakfast, free cancellation) may be included, other filtered options are used to determine pricing forecasts. We display the Savings % tag when prices for selected properties drop and are lower than the forecasted accommodation price, which is considered a savings and fair price.
  • What is oafare GO?
    Oafare Go provides a travel planning option when you're not sure where to go on the next excursion, trip, or adventure. With Oafare Go, there are offers to thousands of destinations worth exploring. From flights, hotels, adventures and anywhere worldwide, we've compiled places to help travelers get a better and more consistent overview of where to go and with information needed when considering booking the next unforgettable getaway.
  • Why are prices different on Oafare than other booking sites?
    Oafare is a seller of travel aggregator. We use a price matrix engine that searches for the lowest flight fares and accommodations. We are not a booking site. When you plan your travel with us by searching for airline tickets, hotels, activities and more, we not only find you the lowest fares, but redirect you to the partner site that is offering that deal you chose on your terms. That simple! Oafare works with many online travel agency websites, so rates and availability constantly change. Something to keep in mind, on occasion, fares you found on an earlier search may not be the same offer if you leave the site and return. However, we do our best to honor that low price when you land on the booking site. Prices can change for a number of reasons. Possibly the airline seats are no longer available, the booking site gave inaccurate information, or consolidated room rate sold out. Either way, we'll find you the best deal!
  • Finding low fares
    We've simplified flight search by using a price matrix feature that finds the lowest fares you won't find anywhere else for your travel, Like New York, Oafare suggests a cheaper way of travel based on duration and dates. Use our price comparison tool to view price changes, side by side comparisons of other major online travel sites. No matter the destination, Oafare makes it easy to plan, book and save money on your reservation.
  • Oafare Search form
    Making search results more relevant Select your departure and destination cities. Select travel dates – a calendar will open when you tap ‘Departure’ or ‘Return’. Don’t need a return ticket? Press the button: ‘No Return ticket needed' at bottom of the calendar’. Select (+) the number of adults, children (aged from 2 to 12 ), and infants (aged from 2 years) in the field on the right. You can select your class of service – Economy or Business. Tick the 'Passenger' box ‘to close’ the tab. Done? check departure and return dates if any. Press the big button – ‘Search’. Customize your search by using our filters. For example, best tickets, optimal and comparing. Use our sorting options to display lower fare results according to your preference. Explore our Low Fare Calendar "Show Calendar" and search for alternate flexible days that may be cheaper.
  • Filtering your trip
    Here are tips when filtering your preferences Start with 'Best Tickets." This option offers the best price, fastest route, Optimal airlines and flight Sorting: You can choose travel time, early flight or late. Number of stops: You can filter duration, airfares, departure/arrival times preference, even travel time If connecting airports matter to you, we offer dozens of options from airline preference to airports. OTA's: We know many travelers sometimes prefer sites they know or feel comfortable booking their travel with. But we want you to feel confident and secure in making your travel plans with us. This is why we offer options of choosing which partner "Online Travel Agencies" you want to include in your search and those not.
  • How do I use the Low Flights Calendar?
    Oafare's "Low Flight Calendar" lists fares on flights for every month of the year as prices change. To find fares from your city or State: Click on the 'adust icon' to change (State or City of origin) and (Destination). Choose 'one-way' or 'direct flight,' then set 'Vacation duration'. Please note: We cannot guarantee that fares will remain the same as flight prices fluctuate due to a number reasons, including seasonality, supply and demand such as seats availability and other factors.
  • Getting listed on Oafare
    If you work for a hotel chain, an independent hotelier, connectivity provider, you can access and submit an application to get listed on Oafare here.
  • Property Owner/Manager Support
    If you're a property manager or owner, our support team is here to help. Get in contact with an Oafare Business Opec team associate by following this link. Contact
  • Marketing Affairs/Business Proposals
    Have a business offer/proposal you would like to present? Please fill out this form here. If the offer is of any interest to Oafare, a business representative will be in touch.
  • Booking Hotels on Oafare
    Oafare global hotels search is better than direct search on booking websites. We compare room prices from 70 different hotel booking services, enabling you to compare and pick the most affordable offers that are not even listed on each service separately. Oafare help travelers compare deals on over a million hotels, 25,000 hostels, 259,000 guest houses, and 644,000 apartments. Find your comfort at the ideal hotel and save.
  • Advantages of booking with Oafare
    No hidden fees: Oafare operates with and shows final room pricing. No additional taxes or hidden fees. Final prices. Less Costly: Room prices change constantly. Subscribe for price alerts to stay informed of any price changes for the hotel of your choice. Secure: All booking services are thoroughly inspected by our Security data team. Trusted: All agencies have been checked.
  • Features
    Oafare let's you compare prices from partner sites to find cheap hotels and great deals. Save time and money by finding your ideal stay. Instantly find the best prices on leading booking sites Book on your favorite sites Make reservations in a matter of seconds (without leaving your computer) No fee for searching Search and compare more than a million hotels in 205 countries Ratings are based on reviews of real hotel guests
  • Your Booking experience
    When you find a deal and click "Book" Oafare redirects you to the booking partner site where you'll complete your reservation. After filling in all your details and making payment, you will receive a confirmation at the email address used. That confirmation email will include every detail about the reservation you've made, as well as information on how to contact the booking site’s customer service. In some instances, for your security, the booking site you completed your reservation with will call to confirm your identity and any other relevant details as part of their security measures.
  • Conacting the booking site
    Once you've completed your reservation and payment, the booking transaction is then processed. Thereafter, a confirmation is sent to the email used on file. If you have any questions about your booking, they are best suited to helping you manage your reservation. If you haven’t made a booking yet, our travel speacialists can help answer your questions on how to contact the property and other inquiries about amenities and policies, as well as payment and room options. However, the booking site is best at addressing any concerns you may have.
  • Advice on Scam
    Scammers may attempt to misuse Oafare's brand, logos and/or domain, and falsely present themselves as official representatives of Oafare, it's affiliates, or agents. They may try extort money from you under these pretenses. We want to advise travelers how to recognize scams and safeguard themselves against them. Oafare does not process transactions or collect payments. We will never ask you for any form of payments in any currency. Here are a few claims scammers may use in their attempts to get money from you: You may be told to receive keys for an apartment rental or contract from Oafare in exchange for an upfront deposit. You may be offered a proposal to upgrade a reservation for a higher cost or have your debit card debited in seperate small payments. You may be proposed to pay an upfront payment, or recieve an investment by completing a task in return for the offer. Luring of free or discounted travel. Never agree to the winning of a free flight or hotel stay - often times, the reward is only an illusion Travel club scams where you are promised free cruises or trips for sitting through a 90-minute sales presentation. After the presentation, you're asked to pay a fee to collect the free cruise or trip and maybe more for joining the club where you'll enjoy discounted vacations. Don't sign-up, the deals offered are probably no better than what you wil find through legitimate online travel websites. Such defrauding claims and offers are usually done through social media services such as Telegram, email, phone, and text messaging etc. In such cases, you should disregard any requests believed to be suspicious and fraudulent. See below for more advice on how to protect yourself from scammers: Be aware. Don’t be fooled by email addresses, imagery or text that looks like Oafare. Contact us first to verify if in fact we sent any correspondence We do not process any form of payments, traditional (bank transfers) nor cryptocurrency Don’t call or answer numbers you are not familiar with: We are an online travel metamatrix flight and hotel company and never take or process bookings over the phone. neither will we ask for payments directly For suspicious account activity: Call your bank or credit card company about any charge-backs to cancel a transfer if you are notified via text notification or notice suspicious activity as soon as possible. Let them know you don't recognize the charges and think there may have been a fraudulent charge. Ask for details of the account money has been transferred to Gather all pertinent information: Retrieve copies of all transactions, conversations if any, times, exact dates, and any other media communications Contact local authorities, let them know you've been a victim of fraud and file a police report. Give the desk Sergeant or officer taking the report all the documents relating to the scam. Never reveal personal information: Safeguard bank details and passwords via email, phone, and messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram or instant messaging. Also, be mindful of ads that show up on your mobile phone, clicking links you're not familiar with, or any, and if something seem suspicious, don’t open it especially attachments To feel secure in how you interact with Oafare or would like more information read more about how we work. Oafare has security measures in place to keep fraudsters at bay to the best of our ability, such as IP protection rights, and data privacy. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us 24/7 by visiting our contact us page.

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Our matrix content

Oafare searches partner online booking sites and travel agencies for the lowest fare on airline tickets and hotels. We also help you compare prices. Consumers then make their booking directly where payment are managed by the provider. Oafare cannot manage or cancel reservations, but we’ll put you in contact with the booking site where customer service teams can best assist and answer all booking related questions.

Content results

Travel is an extension of happiness. That is why we made planning and booking your trip simple, andhassle-free, not stressful. And we know that finding the best prices on any travel getaway that offers maximum flexibility is important in choosing what's right for every traveler. That’s why Oafare's price matrix was created and always working for you, in every search, on every results return. But more so, making sure we offer a straightforward easy, simple and speedy experience. With hundreds of partners globally and counting, we’re constantly working at developing networks to help connect travelers with unparalleded trusted options so they can find the best offer for their travel. With billions of fares searched every day, users can be sure we provide the best possible options, under one roof.

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Oafare is an online travel services company that finds cheap flights and hotels with our price matrix. Here’s how it works


Oafare uses a price matrix algorithm to search and rank hotel property results. We sort booking providers and properties based on price. For users convenience, we don't round prices, but instead list lowest price first. Our ranking system by default, are based on ranked reviews through 'TrustYou' and  our ‘Datatabase Real-Time Review' algorithm, which is based on guest ratings and popularity. The parameters importance analyzes over 3 million reviews, each specific to a single search result, price being more essential to data matrix points. We never factor in potential revenue from hotel search result. Occupancy availability and up-to-date insight parameters are prioritized becoming most relevant for our users, while improving conversions, which in turn streamlines our revenue. Additional parameters such as number of stars, 3 being relevant when factoring price weighting in our results ranking. You can however, filter those results by popularity, price, star rating, guest rating, distance from city center and discount. In some instances, the same deals can may be available on other online providers sites. We list four (4) to five (5) providers based on a comparison metric, and the cheapest price compared to the average rate of other properties in the search criteria generated from each hotel result. Our price matrix algorithm may render a hotel obscure when rooms are 'sold out', trying different dates or other offers are then suggested. We believe these parameters help improve consumer experiences within hotel result listings, if the cheapest offer is not displayed above all other listing results, sort by price. We are elevating customizable hotel content by enabling effective, quick search flow for optimal bookings. Lowest Price Oafare offers that! We don't just say, we do it. Our matrix structure offers innovative pricing to the cheap stays and not the most expensive. But hey, it's your choice!

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