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Write for us: Express your travel experiences, culture dives, guides, tips and trends to the world

Contribute in ways that sets the trend for future travel. Stick the tack on the destinations you've covered. Share your expert research stories from boards, travel story articles and sourcing information. Bring the world and it's people to an open place where your tips and trends gives others a sense of expectation on wonderous places they can look forward to. Useful, inspiring and practical travel planning advice only great writers who've traveled the world can give. Surprising perspectives, personal travel pieces and to do narratives. Destination experts: Share your knowledge of destinations worldwide.

Freedom traveler

Travel Tips Editorial

What inspires us: Not just in-depth stories on where travelers visit, but the how and why they should.
We're moved by personal narratives on ground reporting, surprising experiences with trendy perspectives on an adventurous ever-changing travel world. Oafare prefers publishing features from longform written stories that captures readers in destination points and those which shares the trips events.
We look for stories that excites, encourages and resonates with readers when looking for places visit, creating a full embodiment to your travelogue and a urgent sense to travel.

What we pay: The rate for travel tips editorials starts at $0.30 per word and depends on your story's scope and expertise of the contributor.

Travel Trends

Your impact: You write narratives based on new and future travel. The way travelers plan for their eventful getaway or far away vacation is ever changing, tips with eye-view and personal perspectives from experts that contributes thoughtful advice with new expectations on world travel.
Your expertise not only move readers but encourages and offers advice the travel world resonates with. Features that are compelling and shared in multimedia spreads.
Travel-changing preparations leading into memorable experiences, things not and to do, what to look for, expect, changing perspectives, travel tech adoptions, bucket list moments and more.
Let's shape travel together!  


Oafare rates start at $150 per article, depending on the word count and sourcing. Rates can increase based on writer’s experience and stories not published in other travel coverage media.

If you're a Contributor who fit our model, experience in the industry and meets our assessment we will surely be in touch. 

Here is just a sample of Oafare travel tips editorial. There are no guidelines on word count limit. Example.

Writers one-page application form 

Oafre editorial team strives to process and approve articles as fast as possible. Often this might be within 48 hours of receipt and up to no later than 72 hours. Upon acceptance of contributers submission, a notification wil be sent outlining such including when and where the writers piece will be published.
Additionally, our administrative team will request an invoice based on your word count, experience or unpublished travel tips and trends.
Note: All contributing published story is subject to a net 30 payment term upon receipt of invoices.

Copyrights: Accepting these terms as a contributer and use of submitted stories related to these travel terms and trends, grants and it's subsidiaries an irrevocable, royalty free, right and license to alter, translate, publish, reproduce, edit and communicate a contributers written story/article, including in any Social Media platform globally, and in all media, multimedia source, in perpetuity for any purpose.

Contributer gives Oafare an exclusive license for the first 48 months after the date their article/story is published and non-exclusive thereafter.

Staff Contributer and Press trips: We are aware and fully recognize trips are a necessity for writers and hosted stays in order to create and write stories. This may also entail making local contacts or familiarizing yourself with places visited. If you would like to pitch us a press position based on your expert knowledge and experience, please do so during submittal. Although Oafare prefers contributing travel stories, tips and trends from writers, we are open to a handful of press staff who are committed to unique journalistic material. 
Remote Working
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