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Hotel Faq's

Hotel FAQs

If you are unable to cancel a hotel booking online either through the property or OTA where you reserved the stay, please contact our support services team.

Other hotel related queries and concerns: 

  • How do I change the name on my reservation? 

    • Unfortunately, you cannot change the name on a reservation you made after purchase. 

  • However, you can add a name to your reservation 

    • Contact the hotel you received a confirmation for to add an additional name or make a change on the reservation.

Boarding pass

Ticketing and baggage

When searching for tickets see whether baggage is included in the selected ticket on the ticket card.

boarding pass

Airport check-in

If you’ve already checked in online and you’re traveling only with carry-on 1.5 hours before departure.


Checking-in Online

The airline will email you a link to check in online. If you haven’t received an email from them, just go to the airline’s website, find the ‘Online check‑in’ section, and follow the instructions.

See more on checking-in

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