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Travel Planning Tips:
Insider advice and tools.
New trends travelers need. 

Oafare helps you discover new trends, tips, and advice on  everything travel. Plan, book, and go with us to unforgettable destinations.

Plan your 2024 trip with confidence

Family Vacation

Explore Travel. Get news, insights and updates before you go 

Discover exciting places, get insider tips, tools, news and advice every traveler should have when planning their great vacation, day or week trip.


Your Passport Questions answered: 

Passport processing in 2023 were lengthy. Now the State Department said processing times are at pre-pandemic levels. Amid all that confusion, we've put together some tips to help guide you through the process.

Travel trends and tips

We made everything about your travel and plans simple. So, fulfill your dream. Plan. then with Oafare's guide where you'll find everything needed to have an unforgettable experience.

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Tips & New Trends

2024 brings a new chapter for timeless memories. Knowing the latest trends can help inform and inspire your planning ideas in different, adventerous ways.

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Vacay Ideas

Get inspiration for that for family or couple vacation. Maybe you're traveling on a budget, we've got you.  

Tour Guide

Guide & Destinations

Our exclusive guide to popular U.S. & international destinations and fun vacation spots.

Beach Vacation

Safe Traveling

Items you should pack on every travel, plus protecting yourself against theft and injury.

Go ahead, book your vacation

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