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Hotel FAQs

Is there a fee for cancelling my booking?

  • You won't pay a cancellation fee if the property offers free cancellation  However, some hotel properties don't offer free cancellations and may have a non-refundable clause listed. In such cases you may incur a cancellation fee. Make sure you read their cancellation policy.

How do I know the room reservation was canceled?

  • After you've canceled your booking with the OTA you made the reservation with, you should get an email confirmation. Check your inbox. If for some reason you don't see the confirmation, go to your spam/junk mail folders. If an email is not recieved within 24 hours, contact the property and confirm with them.

Where can I find the Hotels cancellation policy?

  • Simply click on 'more details' next to the listed hotel property. On the results page, in the description should list free cancellation or state whether it's non-refundable.


If you are unable to cancel a hotel booking online either through the property or OTA where you reserved the stay, please contact our support services team.


How do I change the name on my reservation? 

  • Unfortunately, you cannot change the name on a reservation you made after purchase. 

However, you can add a name to your reservation


  • Contact the hotel you received a confirmation for to add an additional name or make a change on the reservation.

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