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Top flight questions

I didn't receive my ticket, what should I do?

  • The booking site you reserved your flight with sends an itinerary receipt (ticket) via email within a few minutes to an hour to the address specified in the booking. If your itinerary does not show up in your inbox, check the Spam folder or junk mail, as emails often find their way there.

It is not in my Spam folder

  • If for some reason 3 hours after booking you still have not seen the email, contact the seller you booked through to get your ticket. They’ll re-send the ticket. Make sure you used the right email address. Sometimes we tend to misspell our email without realizing we did.

I don't remember who the seller was

  • Check your online receipt or SMS message you received after making payment. The seller’s name will be there.

  • Locate the seller’s contact details and get in touch with them.

  • Give them your first and last name, travel dates and destination.

  • The customer service agent will find your booking and send your itinerary to the correct email address.


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