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If you're traveling with your animal(s), they can fly in the cabin, in the heated baggage compartment, or cargo (option for very large dogs that aren’t allowed in the checked baggage compartment). Airlines usually accept pets small enough to fit underneath the seat in the cabin, in front of you, in a carrier. Each airline has its own carrier size requirements, including the weight and age of the animal. We recommend you check current transportation rules and carrier requirements on the website of the airline you plan to travel with.

Preparing for you and your pets travel

  • Start as early as possible – preferably a few months before the planned flight, that way you have enough time to collect all required documents and necessary vaccinations. When purchasing a ticket online or immediately thereafter, call the airline and arrange for your pet to fly. This is crucial, since each aircraft has restrictions on the number of animals transported in the cabin and in the hold, as well as on their compatibility on the same flight. You’ll need confirmation from the airline that your pet can be transported on the specific aircraft you’ll be flying on. In addition, some airlines have special requirements regarding breeds of dog. This point should also be clarified with the airline.

  • After transport for your pet is arranged, make sure that your pet has all the necessary vaccinations and a chip. Prepare all the required documents. If you have not vaccinated your pet during the last year, you need to do it no later than a month before the flight.

  • If you don't own one, buy a carrier and begin to train your pet in advance so they may get accustomed to being inside and feeling calm during flight. It is also recommended attaching a tag to the carrier with your contact details, route, date and telephone number including the animals name. 

  • If you’re checking-in to the cargo compartment, be aware that your pet must be wearing a collar tag at all times, including inside the carrier. On the day of the trip make sure to arrive no later than 3 hours before your flights departure. Remember, you cannot check animals in online. For international flights, you’ll need to go through veterinary control. And finally, this is very important, do not feed the animal on the day of departure and do not give it any sedatives without first consulting with a veterinarian. Safe passage!

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